Cobray Consulting - Full HR Support Services

Full HR Support

Whatever your HR support business needs, we will find a solution! Whether it’s performance management, attendance management, labour relations, customer recovery and retention, or health and wellness coaching and promotion, we will work with you to get all your administrative tasks completed.

Performance Management

– Cobray Consulting will help with the ongoing, continuous process of communicating and clarifying job responsibilities, priorities, performance expectations, and development planning that optimize an individual’s performance and align with organizational strategic goals.

Attendance Management

– Employment includes a commitment to regularly attend work. The objective is to manage attendance so that the organization can continue to serve its customers while understanding that there may be situations when health issues can prevent an employee from attending work. When high absenteeism is due to nonculpable circumstances, it is important to provide support and assistance to help individuals improve their attendance and overcome the effects of an illness or injury. Cobray Consulting can guide you through a successful relationship-based and conversation-led approach to dealing with excessive absenteeism.

Labour Relations

– In cases where labour relations issues are prevalent, it may be beneficial to enlist the expertise of a specialist (Cobray Consulting). These professionals possess specialized training and experience in the realm of unions and unionization. By bringing on a specialist, companies can gain access to in-depth knowledge on the topic of labour relations.

Customer Recovery and Retention

– A product or service may attract customers but the ultimate sale and ongoing customer retention are highly influenced by employee behaviour. Cobray Consulting can help create leaders and a leadership environment, develop customer service skills, engage staff for customer retention ideas, and ensure that your front-line team is “customer-centric”.

Health and Wellness Coaching and Promotion

– Cobray Consulting can offer a vital role in bringing your company’s unique insights involving data gathering, engaging your workforce, measuring results, listening to feedback and improving your policies and practices in regard to providing a healthy work environment.

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