Cobray Consulting - Recruitment/Head Hunting HR Services

Traditional & Collaborative Search

Your time is valuable, and managing the entire recruitment process can be a drain on your productivity. With our services, you can focus on your core tasks, while we handle the recruitment process efficiently. Welcome to your solution provider for all of your permanent, temporary and contract recruitment needs! Our full cycle recruitment services are designed to streamline the hiring process and deliver highly qualified candidates. As a recruitment provider focused on rural communities, we certainly understand the challenge in finding skilled workers in a competitive hiring market.

The process:

We will attract suitable candidates and ensure that the company has all the necessary information needed to assist in decision making.  Our recruitment specialists will carefully screen and interview candidates to ensure they meet the specific requirements. We will conduct reference checks, verify certifications, education, psychological testing, criminal record checks, and more.

Employee & Management Recruitment is the heartbeat of any business with employees. Finding the best people to fill the most critical positions is crucial to helping your company succeed.

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